"timeBro relieves users from the daily grind of time tracking."

Why the agency denkwerk relies on automatic time tracking — Interview with managing directors Jochen Schlaier (l.) and Marco Zingler (r.)

Hi Jochen, Hi Marco. denkwerk has 220 employees - and has consistently been among the top 3 most creative digital agencies in Germany for years. How do you manage to do that?

Jochen: We work in autonomous teams, which makes us very agile and innovative. And we invest 15% of our profit every year in research and development.

What is good data and how do you get it?

Jochen: Good data should be complete, accurate and up-to-date. For the individual it may not be an issue whether you track an hour more or less on projects, forget a day or put in times a week late. For the organization as a whole however, this inaccuracy adds up. That is why it's so important to motivate all employees to do their time tracking as accurate as possible and to make their process as easy as possible.

What problem did you have with time tracking?

Marco: We saw a huge potential rather than a problem. Time tracking provides us with a database for decisions that directly affect our workload and profitability through project and resource planning. The better this data, the more profitable we can operate.

Time tracking provides us with a database for decisions that directly affect our workload and profitability.
Marco Zingler

How did you decide to buy timeBro?

Marco: We gathered our requirements with a project team and started comparing solutions. A large part of the time spent on time tracking is remembering what you have been working on. It quickly became clear that this daily headache could be avoided with automatic time tracking.

Jochen: timeBro was a good fit for us, because our employees enjoy new technologies. They are experts in communication and design - so they place great value on UI/UX. The decision was made by our project team after a free trial. It was important to us that our employees could choose the tool. In the end, they are the ones who have to work with it.

How did you experience the introduction of timeBro? Was there an integration with other software?

Marco: It took about 14 days. timeBro created the API connection to our ERP software Projektron. Projects are imported to timeBro, where time entries are made and then exported back to Projektron. Therefore, times are still entered where we need them.

timeBro is self-explanatory and fits seamlessly into our infrastructure.
Marco Zingler

What are the biggest advantages of timeBro for you?

Jochen: The privacy concept. The tracking data is not stored in the cloud - but only on the users' devices. This gives our employees a guarantee that no one can view their data.

Marco: timeBro is self-explanatory and fits perfectly into our infrastructure. We didn't have to introduce a new ERP software. We were able to just add automatic time tracking as an add-on.

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